Grow New Zealanders' financial wellbeing

We want all New Zealanders to be financially secure and independent, enabling them to reach their full potential

2020 goals:

  1. Grow New Zealanders' financial capability : We want all New Zealanders to have the financial capability to manage their money with confidence

  2. Grow New Zealanders' financial independence : We want every New Zealander to be financially independent by participating in the economy and growing their income

2020 targets:

  1. 20,000 financial education workshop participants

  2. Introduce new products or services to address financial exclusion and poverty

  3. Provide $300m for social and affordable housing

Grow financial capability

5,260 people participated in our Managing Your Money workshops

Supporting seniors with digital banking through our partnership with SeniorNet

Sponsoring NZ’s only longitudinal study into young Kiwis’ financial capability

Launched our employee financial wellbeing programme

In collaboration with the Commission for Financial Capability

"Westpac provides diverse ways to access financial education through community engagement..."

Emeline Afeaki-Mafile'o, Advisory Panel Member

51 new facilitators trained to deliver Managing Your Money workshops in the community

Keen to brush up on your money management?

We offer webinars so you can learn how to manage your money from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the country

Helping Kiwis to weather financial storms

Supporting Commission for Financial Capability's annual Money Week
Grow financial independence

Partnered with Ngā Potiki ā Tamapāhore Trust in a new Shared Equity home ownership scheme

Empowered families to own their own home

Partnered with Ngā Potiki ā Tamapāhore Trust in a new Shared Equity home ownership scheme

Owning a home through shared equity

Westpac NZ is committed to supporting new and innovative ways for Kiwis to access affordable, secure owner-occupied and rental housing. Home ownership is a key pathway to financial independence as well as providing numerous other social benefits. One of the innovative pathways to home ownership we have been supporting is shared equity schemes.

Westpac provides an innovative mortgage solution that allows Ngā Potiki to contribute equity as a co-owner. This reduces the need for a large deposit and brings down servicing costs for the homeowner. The scheme will help 40 new home buyers into their own home. Westpac continues to work with other providers on similar schemes to make home ownership accessible to more people.

1,679 Papakura students and their families supported through the Mana-ā-riki programme

To achieve positive health, homes and education outcomes

1,679 Papakura students and their families supported through the Mana-ā-riki programme

In the last two and a half years since launch, the programme has delivered almost 1,500 Chromebooks, conducted over 7,700 throat swabs and, for the first time, recorded no case of rheumatic fever in 2018.

As part of our sponsorship of the Middlemore Foundation’s Mana-ā-riki programme, Westpac offers financial education courses to build the community’s financial confidence with realistic and practical guidance.

Kootuitui whānau leaders in Papakura spent six weeks last year learning about budgeting, saving for retirement, and more in our Money Skills programme.

Now the students have become the masters. With the whānau leaders having now completed training to become facilitators themselves, with the next intake of students learning from people who have been in similar situations to themselves.

So far two courses have been run by the leaders with a third one run over October and November.

Unlocking pre-fab housing

Unlocking pre-fab housing

As part of facilitating innovative new housing solutions Westpac has undertaken a pilot scheme to fund prefabricated houses. Pre-fab houses are quicker and cheaper to build, potentially helping with supply and affordability issues. Banks have traditionally been reluctant to fund these houses due to the difficulty of taking security over the house being manufactured “off-site”. Westpac has partnered with three manufacturers to test an innovative finance solution for customers wanting to use this method to build their own home. Through the pilot, Westpac has funded the completion of two houses and is now expanding the programme into business as usual.

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Making home ownership more accessible with Welcome Home Loans

Making home ownership more accessible with Welcome Home Loans

Westpac is the largest NZ bank offering Welcome Home Loans, a government-backed mortgage insurance product that makes home ownership more accessible for people with a small deposit that don’t meet Westpac’s standard lending criteria. In the last financial year Westpac helped close to 400 customers into their first home with this product.

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Partnering with budgeting services

Partnering with budgeting services

Westpac is implementing a recent agreement between the NZ Bankers’ Association and FinCap, a charitable trust representing 200 budgeting services in NZ. The agreement will improve cooperation between budgeting advisors, banks and their customers, making it easier for people to receive effective help with their finances.

Take action on climate change

We want to lead New Zealand's transition to a resilient, low emissions economy that continues to grow to the benefit of future generations.

2020 goals:

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint: Measure, manage and report our footprint and encourage our customers, supplier and employees to do the same

  2. Help New Zealand take action on climate change: Build in climate change risk and opportunity to our lending and investment decisions, and help our customers, suppliers and employees do the same

2020 targets:

  1. Reduce our operational emissions by 25% (2016 baseline)

  2. Convert 30% of our car fleet to electric vehicles or PHeV

  3. Provide $2 billion in lending to climate change solutions

Reduced operational emissions by 14% in the last two years

Replaced 22% of car fleet with electric vehicles or PHeV

69 new vehicles arrived

$1.6 billion lent to climate change solutions

59% decrease in lending to fossil fuel mining and production since 2012

With lending to coal mining decreasing by 98% since 2012

Opened our new 5-Green Star certified office

The Terraces, Christchurch

Committed to the Climate Leaders Coalition

Joined forces with business leaders to tackle the issue of climate change.

We continue to reduce our waste to landfill

"When we talk about climate change as the challenge of our generation, what we’re saying is...."

Sir Rob Fenwick, Advisory Panel Member

Getting New Zealand to act on climate change

NZ could be $30 billion better off from faster action

New tool to help farmers gauge carbon footprint

Supported Azwood to turn waste into fuel

Remained a carbon neutral bank

Through offsetting all carbon emissions

See how you can reduce your environmental footprint

Every small action counts

Be a responsible business

We want to act responsibly throughout our business, to enhance New Zealand's overall wellbeing

2020 goals:

  1. Support New Zealand communities

  2. Promote an inclusive workforce and society

  3. Source our goods and services responsibly

2020 targets:

  1. Raise $3 million for Westpac Rescue Helicopters

  2. 50% women in leadership

  3. Introduce a Supply Chain Responsible Sourcing Assessment in 100% of Supplier Risk Assessments

Westpac employees raised $1.2m for NZ’s rescue helicopters

Local employees completed the 8th annual bike ride from Queenstown to Invercargill to raise funds

Making our banking channels more accessible

12,002 hours volunteered by our people to help our local communities

Awarded two White Camellia Awards for promoting gender equality

Empowering women in the workplace

Supporting our people through our We Care Fund

"The Bank’s scale and broad reach puts it in a strong position to bring together New Zealanders..."

Anne Norman CNZM, Advisory Panel Member

Me aro ki te hā o Hine-ahu-one – Pay heed to the mana of women.

Raising awareness of domestic violence with SHINE

Promoting flexible working

Encouraging employees to 'leave loudly'

Making our banking services dementia friendly

Westpac NZ and BTNZ signed up to the UNFI Tobacco Free Pledge

To reflect our commitment not to lend to, or invest in, tobacco companies.

Promoting a culture of giving

Matching dollar for dollar

Female leaders could boost the economy

Raising mental health awareness in our communities

Greerton Bank Manager supports homeless

Kia Kaha te Reo Māori

Recycled 1,138 computers via Digital Wings

Gifted 30% of our pre-loved computers to communities