This year our employees, customers and partners have put significant effort and commitment into improving the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of all New Zealanders. Here are a few of our highlights.

Getting New Zealand to act on climate change

Our research shows New Zealand could be $30 billion better off if we take early action to help keep global warming to less than 2˚C

Westpac ranked in the top five organisations in Deloitte's Annual Review of the State of Corporate Responsibility

Partnered with Ngā Potiki ā Tamapāhore Trust in a new Shared Equity home ownership scheme

5,260 people participated in our Managing Your Money workshops

Replaced 22% of car fleet with electric vehicles or PHeV

1,679 Papakura students and their families supported through the Mana-ā-riki programme

To achieve positive health, homes and education outcomes

Awarded two White Camellia Awards for promoting gender equality

Empowering women in the workplace

12,002 hours volunteered by our people to help our local communities


As a major bank in New Zealand, we’re challenged every day with how we approach our economic, social and environmental impacts. We take this responsibility very seriously and take pride in ensuring that we’re doing the very best for our people, communities and environment.

Increased community and regulator expectations

Protecting customers from fraud and scams

Managing the implications of climate change

The evolving role of branches in a digital world

A changing workforce

Aiming to achieve greater alignment with our communities and customers

Improving New Zealanders’ financial wellbeing