Ko te taiao ko au, ko au ko te taiao.

Taking action on climate change.

Toitū te whenua.

We want to lead New Zealand’s transition to a resilient, zero-carbon economy for the benefit of all Kiwis.

Climate change is a major threat to the planet and humanity, our economy and wellbeing. Tackling this threat means being more efficient with the resources we use to steadily reduce our emissions. Taking action on climate change also presents opportunities – for new jobs, new technologies and new services. Our role as a bank is to help create a financial system that directs more funds towards sustainable purposes.

How will we achieve this?

01. Reduce our own carbon footprint.

Measure, manage and report our footprint and encourage our customers, suppliers and employees to do the same.

02. Help New Zealand take action on climate change.

Build in climate change risk and opportunity to our lending and investment decisions, and help our customers, suppliers and employees take action on climate change.

Our progress so far.


Reduction in our carbon emissions (2016 baseline).


Lending to climate change solutions.


Of our fleet converted to electric vehicles or PHeV (plug-in hybrids).


Green bond.

First New Zealand bank to raise funding through issuance of a green bond.

Achieved our electric vehicle target.

Converted 30% of our fleet to electric vehicles or PHeVs.


Co-chair the Sustainable Finance Forum.

Tasked with designing a road map to help New Zealand shift the financial system that supports economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Founding member of the Climate Leaders Coalition.

A group of companies committed to measuring and reporting our own greenhouse gas emissions, and working with suppliers to reduce their own emissions.


Lending to climate change solutions and fossil fuel minding and production.

In 2015 Westpac became the only bank in New Zealand to transparently publish our lending to climate change solutions and fossil fuel mining and production.


Became carbon neutral.

In 2013 Westpac New Zealand become carbon neutral.


21% reduction in carbon emissions.

Against our 2008 baseline.


First institution to market (NZETS).

In 2010 we were the first institution to make a market under the Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS).


Our first carbon emissions reduction target.

Measured our carbon footprint and committed to reduce emissions by 20% by 2012.

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Creating a circular economy within Westpac.

Our operations are moving from a linear ‘take, make, waste’ model to a circular ‘borrow, use, reuse, return’ approach.

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We have replaced 30% of our fleet with electric cars.

This year we have achieved our goal of converting a third of our fleet to electric, a project that has thrown up challenges and complexities but many rewards.

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Meridian wind farm

Helping New Zealand take action on climate change.

Climate change is recognised as a source of financial risk to our customers and the economy as a whole. We are committed to taking action.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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