Manaakitia te hapori.

Caring for our people and communities.

Toitū te tangata.

We want to help create thriving New Zealand communities and a workforce and society where everyone feels valued.

Many New Zealand businesses are not as reflective of the diversity of New Zealand’s society as they could be. We know that as a large business, employer and corporate citizen we have the responsibility to care for our people and communities, which we have been part of for more than 150 years.

We touch the lives of more than 1.3 million customers, 4,500 employees and wider communities nationwide. As a member of New Zealand society, we aim to use our position to care for and build resilience in our people and communities.

How will we achieve this?

1.0 Support New Zealand communities.

2.0 Promote an inclusive workforce and society.

3.0 Source our goods and services responsibly.

Our progress so far.


Raised for Westpac Rescue Helicopters.


Women in Leadership.


Hours volunteered by our employees.

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Chopper Country - Helping Kiwis be Kiwis.

We have been a proud sponsor of Westpac Rescue Helicopters for over 35 years. The helicopters provide a vital safety net for all people, performing over 7,000 missions last year.

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Volunteering in our local communities.

Westpac employees have a long history of rolling up their sleeves to support local communities, from tree-planting, facilitating Managing Your Money workshops to being a mentor.

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Our gender pay gap.

We wanted to spark a conversation about the kind of jobs women and men do and the way they are paid, and what needs to be done to make things more equal.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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