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Managing Your Money.

We believe that teaching Kiwi kids, and adults, how to make the most of their money is vital for their and New Zealand’s wellbeing.


Managing Your Money (MYM) is Westpac’s flagship financial education programme, running since 2006. We work with a range of organisations such as schools, iwi, workplaces and community groups to help them develop effective money management skills for their people.

  • MYM workshops are usually 1-2 hours long and tailored to the audience and equip people with information and skills to make better decisions about money.
  • Topics range from budgeting to managing debt to buying your first home to KiwiSaver and retirement.
  • Our target is to reach 20,000 MYM workshop participants in the three years to 2020 – we’re at 15,870.
  • We’ve also introduced webinars (accessible through our website) so people can take part from the comfort of their own home or workplace.
We have trained more than 180 of our employees to facilitate Managing Your Money workshops.

- Haemia Melling, Programme Manager Financial Wellbeing

Libby Collins

Libby Collings, Christchurch

“I’m passionate about helping people become more financially aware as I wish that I had done something like this when I was younger. I feel like I’m in a position to pass on my knowledge and offer my assistance to anyone who may need it.”

Managing Your Money in 2019.


MYM participants.


Westpac employee facilitators.


MYM workshops.

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