Gender Pay Report.

We're committed to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion.

We investigated our gender pay in detail.

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Electric Vehicles case study.

We've converted 30% of our fleet to electric vehicles.

Join us on the road to a better NZ.

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Living Wage How-to Guide.

We are the first NZ bank to be accredited as a Living Wage employer.

Interested in introducing the Living Wage at your workplace?

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Climate Change Impact Report.

Our research shows that taking faster action on climate change could save NZ $30 billion by 2050.

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Waste case study.

In four years, we’ve halved our waste to landfill from 148 tonnes to 74 tonnes, and that number continues to track downward.

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Diversity Dividend Report.

Our survey results indicate that women make up 29% of management positions, but occupy 46% of non-management positions.

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