Sustainability stories.

Volunteering in our local communities.


Westpac employees have a long history of rolling up their sleeves to support local communities, from tree-planting, facilitating Managing Your Money workshops, to being a mentor. All employees can take a day's paid leave each year to volunteer for a cause they feel passionate about.

Tree planting Nick
Barry Hyde

“My philosophy at the moment is all around doing what I can. What I want is for when my kids think of me after I’ve disappeared is to go: 'Dad made this change in other people’s lives.' Some people would rather donate money. I’ll donate my time. So long as people do something, then it’s all for the greater good.”

- Barry Hyde, Risk & Compliance Manager Technology

Tree being planted
Group tree planting
Group beach
Tayla Nalder

"I volunteered for the Special Olympics and it was such an amazing day. I think the thing that we were really humbled by was the sportsmanship of all the teams. They’re all so conscious of each other, and they all just had the most amazing team work. The kids have a really good day and everyone’s really happy. It’s a really rewarding experience."

- Tayla Nalder, Internal Communications

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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