We're all in this together.

Supporting our communities through COVID-19.

Our response to COVID-19 has been focussed on supporting our business and most vulnerable customers during the pandemic, and our charity partners.

Supporting our customers

Relief for our customers has included: six-month deferrals on principal and interest repayments on home loans and personal loans; providing over $7 billion in new and restructured lending to businesses; waiving contactless debit fees for eligible existing customers for six months; temporarily waiving minimum monthly merchant service fees for all businesses.

Interest rates also remain at all-time lows, which helps soften the impact on borrowers whose incomes have been reduced.

Supporting Rescue Helicopters

In addition to Westpac’s usual sponsorship and annual fundraising campaign, we donated an extra $1 million to support New Zealand’s Rescue Helicopters.

The choppers faced a serious fundraising shortfall due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Each of the four metro trusts (Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and Canterbury) received $160,000 donation and the other 11 regional trusts received just over $30,000 each.


Supporting mental wellbeing

COVID-19 caused a huge amount of stress and anxiety. That is why we teamed up with Kiwibank and Sir John Kirwan to release his Mentemia mental health app.

The app, which is free to Kiwis, helps support mental health by offering breathing techniques, daily motivations and a way to analyse our thoughts, worries and emotions throughout stressful times.